Monday, May 12, 2014

Master Bedroom Nook Styling

It is so satisfying to finally (read: 10 months after moving in) style a little built-in nook that's been sitting neglected for nearly a year!  After an offer from a photographer friend to come shoot the apartment, many of these long-neglected areas were finally styled.  Certainly, there  is still room to add some additional touches, but the improvement is amazing!

Here is the little master bedroom nook before:

And here it is after:

Of course, there are some minor things that you'll notice still need some attention.  First, there is a plant that still needs a planter, and also, a planter, that needs a plant - obviously. Second, there is one file box missing from the top shelf.  But it has some great items that are true necessities, for example, the magenta geode and empty blue vase - ha :)

Somehow, I made this built-in area feel not only calming because it is simple and organized, but also very functional.  It holds files that we rarely need to access on the top shelf, freeing up valuable space in our single file drawer office.  It has a box to hide random odds and ends, pictures that need framing, and other things I am hanging on to for one reason or another.  Any I've hidden the cable cords in a mediocre way.  I'd call that a wild success :)

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