Saturday, April 26, 2014

just a little peek

So excited that a friend/photographer came over yesterday to shoot our completed apartment.  It was so much fun to finally see all of our work on film.  I also learned so much already about what shots to capture in an interior design shoot.  More images to come once they are edited.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Privacy in the bathroom

For starters, I don't get any.  No privacy in the bathroom for me.  I have three little kids, and we just became okay with no privacy.  Occasionally I insist on it :)

However, I've been showering in front of a window for almost a year now, and was starting to feel like I shouldn't be okay with that.  I see neighbors through our bathroom window.  I still stand naked in front of it.  Routinely.

I finally motivated to change that situation and here's how it went.  I bought this frosted film for windows (I'd used it before in our first home), and went ahead measuring and cutting it to fit the master bathroom window.  Here is a shot in progress, with the top half frosted and the bottom still clear.

And here it is completed:

The bathroom looks really dark in this photo because I'm a total amateur.
Also, the pulls on the window look ridiculous because they're too close together. I know. Not my fault.

I now have privacy from the neighbors at least.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Back to reality

Jetlag sucks.  Hard core.  It's one thing as an adult to fly overseas and adjust to new time zones. With three small children? It's torture.  We are waking up at 2-3am FOR. THE. DAY.  That means each day lasts approximately 18 hours - and that's when I fall asleep at 8pm!!!

I know.  It's temporary.

After all, the last two weeks looked mostly like this, so I'll stop complaining.