Monday, October 14, 2013

a new idea

What about if I had an online shop for food items. I could offer one item at a time for a 1-2 week period. Maybe once or twice a month?  Kind of a pop-up shop.  It would be items that could be picked up on a particular day, or delivered (?) locally.  Some ideas of food items that would work would include: my olive oil granola, jams, baked goods, jerky (I know, weird ideas).  The items would always be seasonal.

This would obviously be limited by being local...unless these things shipped well?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

another area in need of change: our pediatrician

On a totally different subject, tomorrow is Emmett's 6 month pediatrician visit. I've known for years that we need to find a new doctor.  Recently, I've decided to find a great family physician or family nurse practitioner and have all of us see that person (including Harell and I).  I haven't followed through on that yet, but I plan to.  Tomorrow's appointment though, is with our current pediatrician.  I can now count among the many reasons I need to find a new doctor this: I'm considering lying to them about where Emmett sleeps!

He starts out in his crib every night, but once he starts waking up to breastfeed, he often stays in bed with us the rest of the night.  Cue the horror movie music - we "co-sleep".  If I were to tell the pediatrician that truth, they would probably scold me for the risky behavior.  Easier to just lie? Wow.  That's a new low in pediatric care.

In other news, I made another batch of granola last night.  It's seriously better than any store-bought granola I've ever tried.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Some thoughts

  1. Should I aggressively plan on a career shift? (as though I haven't done THAT before)
  2. Should I just let changes unfold organically? (helping friends and my contractor husband with design projects)
  3. Or should I start selling my granola? (It's a serious question)