Monday, May 19, 2014

House Tour Inspiration

My mom and I went on a house tour this weekend of 5 beuatiful homes in Lincoln Park.  It was a fundraiser for a local school, but mostly, my mom and I are both home design obsessed, and it was a fun thing to do together.  Before I learned that I was not allowed to take photographs, I snapped three images that I wanted to catalogue for myself.

#1 is a kitchen that I unexpectedly really liked.  The counters were a green polished granite (!), the backsplash was stainless, and then there was a ledge above the backsplash of the same green granite. Awesome.

#2 is an unusual, pretty way of venting the door to a laundry closet.

 #3 is an antique light fixture that reminded me of something I want to do with my own cheapo foyer fixtures (i.e. diy update the beading).

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