Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2 weeks in

Ditto to the last post.  Still feeling totally blissed out by my new freedom and proud of myself for making a change.  No micromanaging boss to please anymore, just some overly-grateful relatives that are so completely overwhelmed but the growth of their business, that literally ANYTHING I DO is an amazing help.  It's kind of great.  I mean, it's nearly impossible to disappoint them (I'm sure I'll figure out a way eventually), and I have even more flexibility than before.  I'm still making about the same amount of money, so our finances are stable, and it feels promising that this could lead me toward working in design and real estate projects.

Now to my new pipe dream: find a cheapo property either here or in the country that requires a face-lift but not a total gut renovation, and buy it cash for flipping or investment and rental.

In other news, this delicious 10 month old has a fever. Boo.


  1. fevers are the worst! ooo can't wait to see how your pipe dream goes :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Erika! It's my very first one :)
    Love your art work.