Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Privacy in the bathroom

For starters, I don't get any.  No privacy in the bathroom for me.  I have three little kids, and we just became okay with no privacy.  Occasionally I insist on it :)

However, I've been showering in front of a window for almost a year now, and was starting to feel like I shouldn't be okay with that.  I see neighbors through our bathroom window.  I still stand naked in front of it.  Routinely.

I finally motivated to change that situation and here's how it went.  I bought this frosted film for windows (I'd used it before in our first home), and went ahead measuring and cutting it to fit the master bathroom window.  Here is a shot in progress, with the top half frosted and the bottom still clear.

And here it is completed:

The bathroom looks really dark in this photo because I'm a total amateur.
Also, the pulls on the window look ridiculous because they're too close together. I know. Not my fault.

I now have privacy from the neighbors at least.

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